Quality Policy

We take pride in what we do and we want our Clients to also take pride in having us as part of their Business and their team.

Quality is in our DNA, every day we promote the spread of the culture of quality at all levels of the company, including through the implementation of a system in accordance with ISO 9001. We are constantly striving to ensure the highest quality level of services provided to our customers and we are committed to:

  • standardize the services and continuously improve them by monitoring and verifying the results perceived by our customers
  • the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the system through processes of analysis and implementation of improvement plans
  • the continuous updating and expansion of the services provided
  • developing and maintaining the level of professionalism of critical human resources
  • development and maintenance of the technological level
  • the active contribution of all personnel to the achievement of our company’s objectives
  • the definition and application of management control systems for the quality of processes and services
  • the development of company know-how
  • staff satisfaction, motivation and involvement
  • awareness of everyone's role, responsibilities and goals
  • effectiveness and efficiency in all business activities
  • timely and effective communication at all levels

IES Management is committed to:

  • carry out all actions necessary for the effective implementation of the Quality Policy
  • carry out the necessary actions to ensure that the Quality Policy is made available to and understood by all staff
  • take appropriate corrective action if and when the Company's behaviour deviates from the established Quality Policy
  • promote all actions aimed at ensuring the involvement of all personnel in the process of change towards continuous quality improvement, motivating them adequately.