IES is able to provide a global and integrated service to meet the needs of CUSTOMERS for the entire life cycle of industrial plants: design/supplier qualification, construction, installation, commissioning, operation.

Sectors in which we operate: Oil&Gas, power generation plants from fossil or renewable sources, nuclear plants, shipbuilding, manufacturers of electrical and mechanical components/equipment, locations with explosion hazards, painting processes, verification of compliance with the design of electrical and mechanical parts.

Industry Division

We work side by side with our customers all over the world to provide Quality Inspection, Expediting, product compliance with national and international standards and contractual project specifications, CE product marking (ATEX, PED, EMC, MACHINERY), functional safety of SIL machines (IEC61508) & PL (EN ISO 13849-1), Field service installation, Start up, Commissioning, Mechanical Completion, CompEx Field Inspections and Australian Standard inspections, MDR Review.
In the Oil&Gas, Power&Electricity, Nuclear, Marine Division, Mechanical&Electrical Industries.

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Health&Safety Division

Our Health&Safety division provides all services in the field of safety on construction sites in accordance with national, European and international regulations (Nebosh qualification or equivalent), ISO 14001 Auditor (Env. Audit), ISO 45001 (H&S Audit), as well as the sales and distribution of PPE and medical-surgical devices to ensure that the total safety at work of our employees and collaborators and our customers.

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Qualified Service Supplier of Lloyd’s Register

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An ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 Certified Company