After extensive international experience in multinational companies in the Oil&Gas sector and in leading companies worldwide in the inspection services, conformity assessment and certification, in 2012 the two founding partners, Giovambattista Pileggi, engineer, and Giuseppe Febbraro, with ten years of experience gained in the international arena under their belt, set up in Florence INSPECTION EXPEDITING SERVICES SRL that quickly made a name for itself for its ability to offer integrated and customized quality inspection services worldwide.

In its DNA, IES embodies the culture and spirit of know-how with a strong vocation for growth, internationalization, and market positioning.

The priority objective of IES is the full satisfaction of the customer achieved by paying close attention to monitoring and analysis of quality, both delivered and perceived.

IES promotes the dissemination of the quality culture at all company levels with the continuous implementation of the ISO 9001 compliant system.

To ensure a high standard of services and to successfully complete the projects entrusted to us, we are committed to pursuing:

  • the standardization of methods and systems for implementation, management, control, and verification of the results of the services provided
  • the progressive improvement of standards
  • the continuous updating and expansion of the services provided
  • development and maintenance of high levels of professionalism of critical human resources
  • development and maintenance of high technology levels
  • the active contribution of all personnel to the achievement of company objectives
  • the definition and application of management control systems for the quality of processes and services
  • the development of company know-how
  • staff satisfaction, motivation, and involvement
  • awareness of everyone's role, responsibilities, and goals
  • attention to human relations
  • safety and comfort in the workplace
  • effectiveness and efficiency in all business activities
  • strategic integration with Suppliers
  • timely and effective communication at all levels
  • the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the system through processes of analysis and implementation of improvement plans.

IES Management is committed to:

  • directly carry out all actions necessary for the effective implementation of this Quality Policy
  • take appropriate action to ensure that the Quality Policy is made available and explained to all levels of the company
  • take appropriate corrective action in case of deviation of Company behaviour from the established Quality Policy
  • promote all actions aimed at ensuring the involvement of all personnel in the process of change towards continuous quality improvement, motivating them adequately with the most appropriate means.

With the implementation of the management system for Quality and Health & Safety in the workplace, in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 45001:2018, IES Management strongly endeavours to further strengthen all the points listed above and place the utmost attention to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases at all levels of the company and "Lesson learn analysis" to avoid the repetition of errors.