Q&HSE Integrated Policy

Health protection, safety at the workplace and respect for the environment are essential values to perform quality activities safely. We are committed every day to guaranteeing them as they are part of our DNA, and it is for this reason that it is the duty of our employees and collaborators to promptly report dangerous situations in order to avoid damage to property or worse, to people.

IES has always been committed to preventing accidents, ensuring the safest possible working environment and continuous training of all employees and collaborators.

The objectives of the integrated policy for the management system for QUALITY and for Health and Safety in the workplace are set out in the document "INTEGRATED POLICY- Q&HSE".

IES management is firmly committed to providing employees and contractors with a concrete, quality Health, Safety and Environmental program.

Health and safety requirements are respected at all hierarchical levels of IES considering that the market IES addresses is particularly aware and sensitive to these issues.

IES Management is committed to:

  • Carry out all service management activities in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations and aimed at protecting the environment and the safety and health of workers
  • Continuously analyze the impacts that their activities have on the environment and safety in order to define any preventive action and continuous improvement
  • Ensure continuous improvement of the Q&HSE System
  • Ensure the highest level of HR awareness through effective training programs.

The overall objectives of our company policy are:

  • Gradual and continuous development of its HSE system to comply with the requirements of environmental and occupational safety regulations
  • Provide adequate controls of the risks arising from our activities to health, safety and the environment
  • Provide and minimize risks to health, safety, and containment of environmental impacts
  • Focused efforts to prevent, minimize, and reduce occupational diseases
  • Consult with our employees on matters affecting their health, safety and the environment
  • Consider all missed accidents as an impetus for continuous improvement of the HSE System.

The Quality Policy is binding for all those who work and/or collaborate with IES; therefore, IES Management hopes for and supports maximum participation and involvement in order to ensure the effectiveness and continuous improvement of the Quality Policy.

The Management is committed, for its part, to ensuring that the objectives are commensurate with the company's actual capabilities, in accordance with available technologies, with market logic and such as not to put at risk the health and safety of operators, the protection of their rights and the environment.

Management is committed to reviewing this policy to adapt it to changing health, safety and environmental conditions and the dynamic nature of the company whenever deemed appropriate.

Safety and respect for the environment come first.